LOOK: This visually stunning concert had us DROOLING rainbows – SHOT by Honor 8X

Gelo Lasin

As a lover of music in general, I adore going to concerts. But I discovered lately that once you attend one too many, they all start ‘feeling’ the same.

Over time, you lose that vintage vibe you once felt with your first few. Sure, the music will always stay awesome, but you wind up looking for something… more.

So, when We The Pvblic was invited to TELUS International’s Town Hall, I didn’t expect much.

Sure, it had a pretty cool list of performers (Michael Pangilinan, December Avenue), but then again, a star-studded lineup isn’t something that I haven’t seen before.

But boy, was I wrong, ‘cause it looked gorgeous AF.

TELUS’ majestic visual effects gave life to what was supposedly another run-of-the-mill event. The best part about it is that the amazing display wasn’t just consisted of random loops of designs either.

The colors perfectly displayed the vibe of whatever was happening onstage. If a band decided to rock its guts out, the lights would gorgeously transform into an epic blood red.

What made the whole thing sweeter was that I was able to expertly capture the stunning kaleidoscope with my trusty Honor 8X.

Aside from sporting a dual-lens 20M + 2M, F/1.8 aperture rear camera, Honor 8X also has an AI tech that allows you to take crisp, IG-worthy snaps even when a concert is going full tilt bonkers.

In fact, Honor 8X’s AI can recognize 22 different categories and 500 scenarios in real-time, allowing your shots to adjust to any kind of scenario… or mood.

In the end, with the combo of TELUS’ gorgeous visual display and Honor 8X’s awesome AI cam, I was able to preserve a one-of-a-kind night – and #bless my Instagram in the process.

The Honor 8X had its official release on October 10 and it is rumored to be priced below Php13,000. For more information, visit Honor Philippines’ official Facebook page.

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